Repurposed Birdbath Succulent Planter

Sometimes things just fall into place, you know? A sweet friend dropped off two egg cartons full of divisions from her Hens & Chicks last week. I had been trying to decide where to plant them and hadn’t settled on an idea yet.

Then, yesterday I saw my neighbors carrying their old birdbath to the curb for trash day pickup!  I asked if they minded if I took it and they were careful to tell me it leaked – perfect!!

In less than an hour I gathered up my materials (potting soil gravel and the succulents) and planted this up! Ta! Da! Repurposed Birdbath Succulent Planter!

Succulent divisions from a sweet friend!

To plant the leaky birdbath, I just added some gravel in the bottom of the water bowl topped by potting soil. Then I added in the succulents, pressing them firmly into the soil. I happened to have a small bag of decorative gravel in the shed, so I used some of it as a topping on the soil. This will keep the plants free of mud splatters when it rains.

Total cost of this project was nothing at all but my time! How’s that for an inexpensive garden accent?

Succulents planted ~ they will multiply in time and fill the bowl!

Here’s the finished Succulent Birdbath, placed in the front yard so our generous neighbors can enjoy it, too!

Finished Succulent Birdbath!



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