DIY Project ~ Make a Fresh Rosemary Wreath!


Rosemary Wreath

Simple to make: Fresh Rosemary Wreath

Rosemary is a tender perennial here in Delaware, so I just hauled my two big, bushy Rosemary plants into the laundry room for the winter. They were a bit leggy, so I decided a haircut was in order as I settled them into their cold weather location. A few snips later, I had lovely scented Rosemary sprigs and couldn’t bear to throw them away.

So, using a bit of brown jute twine, I formed the Rosemary into a circle, tying as I went and topped it with a little burlap fashioned into a bow. This was an incredibly quick little project that has my kitchen smelling wonderful!


Make a Rosemary Wreath

Trimmings from my Rosemary bushes.

Make a Rosemary Wreath

Wreath ready for a ribbon and hanging.

Make a Rosemary Wreath

Finished Rosemary Wreath hanging in our window!

4 Responses so far.

  1. jeannie says:

    What a great idea. Will trim my rosemary and build a wreath for my mom and one for me.

    • Barb says:

      Thanks, Jeannie! I heard from another writer that P. Allen Smith recommends spritzing with water with a bit of glycerin added to it each day to prolong its life indoors. Have fun!

  2. Emma Briggs says:

    These simple, rosemary wreaths were a perfect starter project. Rosemary holds its fragrance for more than a week so it is also perfect to put it in the entryway.


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