Glut of Tomatoes? Make Gazpacho with Rosemary & Leek Focaccia!

Have you noticed how you wait and wait for the tomatoes to ripen and, then suddenly, you have buckets of them all at once? What do you do with a glut of tomatoes? Make Gazpacho! Gazpacho is a cold vegetable soup that originated in the Spanish culture. I am particularly fond of the Gazpacho recipe

DIY Project : Make Your Own Birdbath !

Recently, I wrote a post on using odds and ends  around the house and shed to assemble a five-minute bird bath. It was quite a hit with the shabby-chic crowd, but some folks want a newer, neater look. So here it is! This project took a total of three hours to complete, but about half

Featured Artist : HollyBeth Anderson, Artisan Herbalist

You know that wonderful scent of lavender that is given off as you gently brush by a shrub? Somehow HollyBeth Anderson has captured that exact aroma in her all-natural hand cream. I couldn’t stop holding my hands up and inhaling the sense of nature at my fingertips! This wonderful cream is only one of her

Field Trip : The Unusual and Romantic Gardens of Chanticleer

One of the most unusual and romantic public gardens I have seen, Chanticleer, was the destination of our recent field trip.  This former estate in a residential area of Wayne, Pennsylvania, features seven distinct gardens, each designed, planted and kept up by an individual horticulturist/gardener. Because of this diversity, visiting Chanticleer provides the impression of

DIY Project : Use Repurposed Materials to Create a Bird Bath

Do you need a bird bath but find the price tags at the garden centers don’t fit your wallet? Use what you have at home to create a unique and functional watering station for your feathered friends! Rummaging around in my garden shed, I came up with an old metal step stool, a clay plant

Field Trip: Winterthur’s Faerie Garden at Enchanted Woods

Fairy gardens are all the rage these days, and one of the most wonderful of all, The Enchanted Woods of Winterthur, is near my home in Wilmington, Delaware. See the complete album of pictures from today’s trip on Inspiring Gardens. As you enter the gates, a warning is given to never enter the Forbidden Faerie Ring or

Field Trip: Longwood Gardens in the rain!

Here in the Brandywine Valley we have been praying for rain, and last Saturday it finally came after a two-week hiatus. Of course, the day the clouds opened up was the same day my daughter, Meg, and I had chosen to visit Longwood Gardens. (See complete garden tour picture collection in Inspiring Gardens.) Now, most

Featured Artist : Bonnie Johnson, Fabric Artist

Imagine transforming yarn into a watering can, a basket holding flowers or a gardener mouse – fiber artist, Bonnie Johnson can! Her knit and crochet work is so detailed that both children and adults delight in it. Each creation is made with custom accents that Bonnie just dreams up as her fingers fly along. Although


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