• A Longwood Christmas Evening Stroll

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    Today I am leading you on an evening stroll through the beautiful grounds and conservatory of Longwood Gardens at Christmas time. While it is breathtaking during the day, the lights and reflections transport you to a magical place at nightfall.

    So, pour a cup of tea and get comfy, I’ll do the walking!

    We will start off just at dusk and wind our way around the outdoor light displays. Enormous trees have been carefully wrapped in a multitude of tiny lights by crews in cherry pickers. There is music and color, fountains and excited voices of awe.

    Removing our wraps, we’ll next enter the conservatory. Christmas trees light your way and the smell of flowers permeates the air. Water trickling in the many fountains follows us as we explore rooms filled with themed trees as well as traditional and unusual decorations for the season.

    Afterwards, we’ll take the path back and head homeward filled with visions of a Longwood Christmas.



    Longwood Christmas https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Pathways bordered in decorative lights come alive as night falls.

    Longwood Christmas https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Longwood Christmas

    Bird Tree https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    The Bird Tree is full of edibles for the birds to feast from!

    Birch Birdbath https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Birch Birdbath

    Longwood Christmas https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Reflected lights on the water.

    Longwood Christmas https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Longwood Christmas

    Christmas Wreath https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Christmas Wreath

    Longwood Christmas https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Packages under the tree in the Pierce DuPont House.

    Longwood Christmas https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Colorful lighted trees create living sculptures in the landscape.

    Longwood Christmas https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Longwood Christmas

    Longwood Christmas https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Enormous trees are strung in thousands of tiny lights!

    Longwood Christmas https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Lights reflected in the water lend a magical feel to the night!

    Lighted trees at Longwood https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Lighted trees at Longwood

    Lighted Trees https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Cherrypickers are used to wrap many outdoor trees in lights!

    Outdoor Tree Lights https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Outdoor Tree Lights

    Orchid Wreath https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Orchid Wreath

    Child-crafted Ornaments https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Hundreds of ornaments are crafted by school children for the Childrens’ Trees

    Longwood Gardens Christmas https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Longwood Gardens Christmas

    vintage ornaments https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Vintage ornaments and themed trees

    Holiday Sconces https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Holiday Sconces

    Blue Christmas Tree https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Blue Christmas Tree

    Icicle Fountain https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Icicle Fountain

    Trees decorated in Poinsettias https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Christmas trees decorated with Poinsettia “ornaments”

    Glass Ornaments https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Poinsettias reflected in glass ornaments

    Dried Flowers and Evergreens https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Dried Flowers and evergreens dress the mantle

    Tea and Cookies https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Tea and Cookies

    Branch Chandelier https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Branch Chandelier

    Amaryllis and Lights https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Amaryllis and Lights

    Christmas Succulents https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Christmas Succulents

    Mediterranean Garden Aglow https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Mediterranean Garden Aglow

    Glitter Ornaments https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Popsicle sticks and glitter make a tree glow!

    Clay Owl Ornament https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Clay Owl Ornament on the Childrens’ Tree

    Snowman Ornament https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    A Snowman Ornament on one of the Childrens’ Trees

    Greenhouse Christmas Tree https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Greenhouse Christmas Tree

    Christmas Roses https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Christmas Roses

    Tropical Icicles https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Tropical Icicles

    Succulent Christmas Wreath https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Succulent Christmas Wreath

    Red Poinsetttia https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Thousands of Poinsettias are on display in red, pink, white and every variation!

    A Longwood Christmas https://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/a-longwood-christmas-evening-stroll/

    Beautiful reflections at A Longwood Christmas



16 Responses so far.

  1. The photos are absolutely stunning Barb! I love the way you do your blogs. I have a lot to learn. Thanks so much for sharing. It is my “happy place”.
    <3 Nancy

    • Barb says:

      Longwood Gardens is a great joy to me, too, Nancy! Not only do I love its gardens inside and out, it is also the place I go to paint! <3

  2. Cecilia says:

    Wow, it’s all just beautiful! Love the birdbath with the succulents. Stunning!

  3. Helen Malandrakis says:

    Beautiful! We have relatives that live near the gardens. Perhaps, some day we will visit!

  4. Lorraine says:

    Every photo I saw, I thought “I’ll have to tell her – that’s my favorite!” By the time I got to the bottom, it was absolutely impossible for me to choose. I just really want to get there some day, it’s so lovely and really feeds the soul. xo

  5. Betsy Dillon says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos, Barb. We are so lucky to have Longwood in our backyard. Missed painting with you there on Monday afternoons this fall. I hope you’ll be there this winter or spring.

  6. Kari says:

    My favorite is the outdoor edible tree decorated for the birds – I am adding that to my list of things to do next year for my beloved backyard birds! I have never really thought of things to put on there other than strung popcorn but it looks like they had lots of things on theirs! Merry Christmas ~ Kari

    • Barb says:

      Yes, Kari! There were little buckets of seeds as well as clumps of dried flower and grass seed heads. It was so naturally beautiful. Longwood employees replenish it as the birds eat the goodies!

  7. Pam says:

    Thanks for your wonderful blog. I recently moved to South Carolina and your pictures make me wistful for beautiful PA. This is my first “Longwoodless” Christmas in many years; your photos helped.

  8. mary ann says:

    Not sure where Fairfield is but based on your photos…it looks like a magical place and would be worth the trop. Thank you!

    • Barb says:

      We are in Delaware but the pictures in the posting are of Longwood Gardens, nearby in Pennsylvania!I wish I had all that in my own garden! 🙂


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